3Package Deal 2024: ontmoet de nieuwe talenten

Fifteen up-and-coming (inter)national artists from a variety of disciplines started the 3Package Deal in January: the talent development program of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and Bureau Broedplaatsen of the City of Amsterdam. The talents were selected by fifteen coalitions formed by top institutions from across Amsterdam. 

Interdisciplinary, engaged and playful

The fifteen 3Package Deal talents represent innovative art with a focus on interdisciplinary work. For example, Jayliah van Gorkum (Coalition Autodidact) creates theatrical performances in which she combines music, dance, roller skating and martial arts. One recognizes a particularly committed voice in the work of the talents. As with Fariborz Karimi (coalition Urban Realm) whose work explores the concept of self-censorship, inspired by his experiences with censorship in Iran and with exoticization in Western Europe. Or with Denzel Veerkamp (coalition Fashion), whose adventurous and playful creations express the collective pain of Dutch-Surinamese history.

Talent from all over the world

Every year, the 3Package Deal offers fifteen talents a year of mediation in affordable living and working space, a development budget, coaching and a network of renowned Amsterdam organizations and institutions. With the help of 3Package Deal, in 2024 these talents can fully focus on the next step in their practice, making new work or doing research. The artists come from countries including Iran, Beirut, the US and the Netherlands.

The artists 

Film: Biserka Šuran  | Fashion: Denzel Veerkamp | Theatre: Lars Brinkman | Music: Reinier van Harten | Visual Arts I: Siwar Kraytem | Visual Arts II: Tewa Barnosa | Publishing/Performance: S*an D. Henry-Smith | Bio Art & Design: Noa Jansma | Urban Realm: Fariborz Karimi | Dance: Reza Mirabi| Engaged Art: Dina Mimi | Autodidact: Jayliah van Gorkum | Cabaret: Cheyenne Toney | Social Design: Thais di Marco | Interhistoricity: Guston Sondin-Kung

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About the 3Package Deal 

Mediation for a living and working space and an individual development budget (€25,000) to talents, and guidance from an interesting and useful network - that is the 3PackageDeal. This successful program of the AFK and Bureau Broedplaatsen of the City of Amsterdam in cooperation with 45 renowned Amsterdam organizations, which open their network, knowledge and venues to them, is now considered best practice in the field of talent development. 
In November 2024, the 3Package Deal 2024 batch will present their work during the International Art Talent Festival in Felix Meritis. Do you want to be there? Keep an eye on the website and socials of the AFK or subscribe to the newsletter.