Thais Di Marco

Thais Di Marco is an artist from the City of São Paulo and based in Amsterdam since 2016. Thais is a choreographer, performing arts director, teacher and project coordinator with 15 years of professional trajectory working in contexts such as artistic residencies, creative platforms and independent spaces focused on social projects and critical thinking. Thais is a Queer Roma descendent, born into a traditional Candomblé community in Brazil called Redandá.

In The Netherlands, Thais has a long partnership with Het Huis in Utrecht and collaborations with community-based cultural centers such as WORM in Rotterdam, and hosted artistic actions at the Black Archives, Framer Framed and Decolonial Dialogues. Thais also carried out collaborations and performances at Veem House, Theater Rotterdam, Tropen and Stedelijk Museum. 

Thais works with comedy, open mic platforms around power struggle and liberation and believes art making has the power to support the permanence of all the people(s) and the Earth in opposition to cultural homogenization and cosmological domination. 

Coalition: Social Design (Waag / Hackers&Designers / Framer Framed)