Reza Mirabi

Reza Mirabi is a visual artist, choreographer, storyteller, and seed keeper, involved in ecological, social, and political projects in Europe and the SWANA region. A Fine Arts graduate from the University of Mumbai (2012) and alumnus of the DAS Choreography Master's program at the University of the Arts, Amsterdam (2021), Mirabi's work starts from the belief that every place, every being, and every material inherently tells a story. Rather than overwriting these with new narratives, he seeks for different forms of listening to weave ourselves into the intricate, more-than-human narratives that live in and around us. Mirabi views listening as both a choreographic and political practice, revealing living archives and confronting personal and collective forms of loss that were rendered invisible.

Coalition: Dans (ICK Artist Space / Frascati Theater / Richard Kofi)