Fariborz Karimi

In his practice, Fariborz Karimi explores dream-like performative setups and the playful nature of the theatrical apparatus. He is actively engaged in developing remote collaborations with artists residing in non-European contexts, while also delving into the nuanced meanings of absence, presence, and co-creation.

His recent research has centered around the concept of 'self-censorship' across various contexts, examining its relationship to our environment through the lenses of 'friendship,' 'intimacy,' and 'collaboration'.

Originally from Tehran, Iran, Fariborz Karimi currently based in Amsterdam and working as a freelance performance maker, writer and performer. He obtained his bachelor's degree in Theater Directing and Acting from the University of Tehran in 2013. In 2023, he completed his Masters at DAS Theatre, Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Coalition: Urban Realm (NDSM-Werf / Over het IJ Festival / Das Arts (AHK))