Denzel Veerkamp

Denzel Veerkamp, a socio-culturally engaged designer who fearlessly embraces discomfort in his exploration of dual-heritage identity and transgenerational history. Born in Amsterdam to a Dutch mother and Surinamese father, Veerkamp meticulously intertwines collective pains of Dutch-Surinamese history with his own confrontations. The Perpetual Reverse Assimilation Project is his bold initiative of storytelling, intertwining traditional Surinamese costumes with adventurous patchwork, textile contrasts, and playful volumes. Veerkamp challenges Eurocentric approaches, striving to unlearn imposed narratives, replacing them with alternative realities. Through his work, he critiques Western, capitalist fashion systems, fostering discomfort, openness, interaction, and innovation in his transformative narrative.

Coalitie: Mode (HTNK / OSCAM / Roelien Zonneveld / Philipp Schuller / Rubia Heyer)