Drop-In Consultations

For whom?

Applicants from all disciplines of the arts who have not previously received a subsidy from the AFK.


Drop-in Consultations take place on the last Tuesday of every month.


The requested subsidy amount should have a minimum of € 2,500 and a maximum of € 5,000 for a project with a total maximum of € 10,000.

How does it work?

During the Drop-in Consultation, the applicant has 30 minutes to discuss and explain the project plan which was submitted in advance. The AFK will decide whether or not to provide a subsidy within a short period of time.


Vanwege de maatregelen rond Covid-19 gaan de onderstaande Spreekuren van maart, april en mei niet door in de huidige (fysieke) vorm. Tot nader bericht is het dan ook niet mogelijk je aan te melden voor één van de Spreekuren. Het AFK beraadt zich op dit moment op een alternatief model. We hopen hier zo spoedig mogelijk mee naar buiten te treden.

What is a Drop-in Consultation?

The Drop-in Consultation is for applicants who have not previously come into contact with the AFK. This gives applicants an opportunity to discuss their application in a less-formal setting. During the Drop-in Consultation, applicants have a chance to explain their project plan in person. The applicant will receive a decision about his or her project from the AFK within one week.

PLEASE NOTE: For the Drop-in Consultation you need to make a project plan and a corresponding correct budget plan. In your project plan, you must also devote attention to the marketing and communication for the project. We need this in order to be prepared for your visit during the consultation.

Who can participate?

Drop-in Consultations are open to amateur artists, organisations or institutions, as well as professional artists, organisations or institutions. Before putting together the project plan that will be the subject of your Drop-in Consultation, please read carefully:

  • the scheme (Amateur / Professional)
  • Explanatory Notes on the Scheme (Amateur / Professional)
  • Guidelines When Applying (Amateur / Professional ).

Drop-in Consultation dates 2020


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January 7
January 13
January 28
January 29
February 10
February 25
February 26
March 16
March 31
April 1
April 13
April 28
April 29
May 11
May 26
May 27
June 15
June 30
July 1
July 13
July 28
July 29
August 10
August 25
August 26
September 14
September 29
September 30
October 12
October 27
October 28
November 9
November 24
November 11
November 23
December 8

Places are limited

Appointment spaces during the Drop-in Consultation are always in high demand. When you apply, you are not guaranteed a spot. If you would like to be sure that your application is processed, please submit your application via the regular procedure and not during the Drop-in Consultation. Here is a list of options for applying for a regular subsidy.

Please bear in mind

  • The Drop-in Consultation is for all artistic disciplines within the Professional Arts Scheme and the Amateur Arts Scheme.
  • People who have previously received funding from the AFK, even if it was on behalf of a separate organisation, are NOT eligible for the Drop-in Consultation.
  • It is not possible to use the Drop-in Consultation to apply for a Development budget or Programme Subsidy.
  • Please note: there must be at least one months between the time of the Drop-in Consultation and the project's starting date / opening / premiere. 
  • If the plans receive a negative decision, then the applicant has one (and only one) opportunity to participate in the Drop-in Consultation for a second time.


Would you like to take part in a Drop-in Consultation? Please download the Procedure for signing up for a Drop-in Consultation to find out how this application procedure works.

Please be sure to base your application on the relevant Scheme (Amateur or Professional), and its related Explanatory Notes and Guidelines. This website page is only intended to provide a brief impression of the possibilities. The three documents that are available for download on this page should be used as the basis for submitting an application. It's also useful to keep the page titled: Completing the application form in 5 steps at hand.