Development budget

For whom?

Amsterdam artists within all disciplines, independent curators and programmers who have been professionally employed in one or more fields of the arts for at least four years.

For what?

What do you need to take the next step in your artistic career? A development plan can focus on research (researching new materials, for instance), a work-period abroad, or coaching.


The amount of the subsidy requested is a minimum of € 2,500
and a maximum of € 15,000.


The development plan must be carried out within a maximum period of one year.

How to apply

Applications may be submitted throughout the year; applicants will receive a decision within 13 weeks.

About the Development budget

Aimed at artists within all disciplines, independent curators and programmers who would like to give their artistic careers a boost, the AFK provides development grants of up to € 15,000. A development application must focus on an artistic boost in quality for the artist, and should provide insight into how the artist's visibility will be increased within Amsterdam’s cultural field. You can only apply for a development budget if you are a registered resident of the municipality of Amsterdam.

What are the conditions for applying?

You must fulfil some requirements before you can apply for a development budget.

The applicant:

  • resides in the municipality of Amsterdam;
  • has been professionally (and demonstrably) employed in one or more arts disciplines for at least four years;
  • is not a student or participant in an arts education programme or postgraduate arts education programme which is funded according to the Dutch Law of Higher Education and Scientific Research;
  • had a total income during the calendar year preceding the application which did not exceed € 35,000;
  • has not received a development subsidy from the AFK during the four years prior to the application.

What must be included in the application?

In the application, you need to describe where you are now with your artistic practice, and where you would like to be in a year's time; which steps you will need to take to reach that goal, and how do you intend to make the results available to the public.

What does the application consist of?

  • The development or insight issue, the initial situation and the hoped-for final goal, as well as the specific steps needed to attain that goal;
  • a realistic, balanced budget in which all expenditures are detailed per budgetary item (materials, research, education, marketing, fees, travel and accommodation expenses, and fees for third parties) and explained in writing;
  • a relevant digital portfolio with an emphasis on the four years preceding the application. The portfolio must include a curriculum vitae, which provides clear evidence that the applicant has been professionally (and demonstrably) employed in one or more arts disciplines for at least four years;
  • income tax returns from the Tax and Customs Administration for the preceding calendar year (or from the most recent year for which the artist has submitted an income tax return), which demonstrates the total income.

Can I include a fee for myself in the budget?

The applicant may not request a fee for him or herself but may include an honorarium for the investment in time. A maximum of € 1,500 per month may be allocated for this in the budget. The AFK will contribute a maximum sum of  € 7,500 to this.

I would like to submit an application

We look forward to receiving your application! You can apply through the link below which leads to 'Mijn AFK.' Before you apply, please be sure to read the Project Subsidies for the Professional Arts Scheme, the Guidelines When Applying for Project Subsidies for the Professional Arts Scheme, and the Explanatory Notes on the Project Subsidies for the Professional Arts Scheme. This webpage is only intended to provide a brief impression of the possibilities. The three documents that are available for download on this page should be used as the basis for submitting an application. It's also useful to keep the page titled: Completing the application form in 5 steps at hand.